Should we help patients hire prostitutes?

What an interesting story describing a complicated ethical and bureaucratic ordeal.

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  • Anonymous

    I well remember, as a young nurse, a man who had spastic paralysis, and some of the largest erections I have ever seen. He would beg the staff of the nursing home to give him relief, and of course, legally we couldn’t. I thought then, and think now, that some of Mr. Cooper’s “therapy” should have been provided to him.

  • Anonymous

    Some kind of arrangements need to be made for these people. I remember when I was 16 (back in the 60s) and started my first job as a nursing assistant in a nursing home. “Charley” was 91 years old and ready every time you walked in his room. It was so bad that we had to go in his room in pairs because one of us alone could not move fast enough to keep his hands off of us. The administrator of the home use to take Charley “some where” for therapy once a week. When Charley would return he was much easier to handle for about 3 days and then it would start again.

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